The Celestine Prophecy

Book: The Celestine Prophecy

Author: James Redfield

First published: 1993

Pages: 246

Who should read this book: Anyone interested in self reflection and being a better person. And if you’re not interested in that you should be. So everyone should read it.

Rating: 10/10

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The back of this book says it has been passed along from friend to friend for years and that is exactly how it came into my life. About 5 years ago I was in Chapters with a friend and we were browsing the shelves and she told me this was a good book. So I bought it. I wish I had read it sooner. It’s been sitting on my unread shelf since 2014, yet somehow it survived my three book purges. I knew I needed to read it.

The biggest thing this book has shown me is that I’m way too competitive. We are diving deep here folks. I have always been super shy and quiet, I always liked to be invisible. If no one saw me, nothing bad could happen to me. But also nothing good would happen to me… This all comes from insecurity and thinking I’m not good enough. That no one cared about me or my story, that it wasn’t important. And from this insecurity came competition. I needed to be better than some people, I needed to undermine some people all in the name of making myself feel better. I was especially competitive with people I thought were trying to compete with me. The past few years I’ve come out of my shell a lot and due to reading a lot of really good self-help books, I’ve noticed these behaviours I have and I’ve been working on trying to stop them. The Celestine Prophecy really hit me on the head with the competitive thing though. When I compete with other people, I’m giving them and myself negative energy, even if I “win” it was at the expense of someone else and therefore still negative. This is something I really need to work on. Because life should not be about competing with everyone you know, it should be about supporting and encouraging everyone you know. And helping them become the best version of themselves and in turn you will become the best version of yourself! I need to remind myself daily that I am enough and so is everyone else.

Okay enough with the heavy. The Celestine Prophecy is about a man, I’m 99% sure the author never tells you his name, that finds himself swept into an exciting and dangerous adventure. A friend asks to meet him in the States to tell him about something. It’s an ancient manuscript that’s been found in Peru. The Manuscript tells about how the human race is beginning a collective shift in consciousness and an evolution in our way of living and how this will all happen. He doesn’t believe at first but then a few too many things line up and he ends up on a plane to Peru. The rest of the book is so fast paced sometimes you have to go back and reread what you just read. He gets picked up by stranger after stranger all on a quest to learn about the manuscript and find a missing part of it.

As he travels he learns about the insights. The Manuscript is broken down into 8 known insights and everyone is on the hunt for the 9th. As he learns about each insight, he changes, he becomes a better person with each one. He stops being aloof and being more open. He stops competing with people for power. He meets a girl *wink*. He almost gets shot by the Peruvian government a few times. He gets thrown in jail. It’s all very exciting and through the whole thing, as you are reading, you are learning the insights with him. You are figuring out why you behave the way you do and why you should definitely change. Oh and you also learn that the best way to be a better person is to stop eating dead food. *cough* go vegan *cough*.

I loved this book. I flew through it and I learned a lot. It asked me questions and made me think. It helped me come to some conclusions about myself that I really needed to know. So I would recommend this book to everyone, there really is nothing wrong with it except that it ended. But hurrah there are three more books in the series so I will definitely be picking those up! Enjoy!


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