Girl, Read This Book

Book: Girl, Wash Your Face

Author: Rachel Hollis

Pages: 213

Who should read this book: It’s a mediocore self help book for woman…very surface level.

Rating: 5/10

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Rachel Hollis is kind of full of herself. She’s written a self-help book for women where she isn’t afraid to talk about the nitty gritty. I’m talking sex, weight, kids, child birth, making yourself seem smaller, trauma and grief, you name it she talks about it.

The book is divided into 20 chapters each talking about one lie that women tell ourselves or are taught to tell ourselves. Rachel shares her experience with this lie, which is sometimes funny, but she rarely goes deep. She then ends each chapter with tips for what helped her stop believing this lie.

The book is well laid out, it’s the kind of book you could pick up anytime and just reference the chapter you need to read at the time. Rachel is relatable in a refreshing way. Though she can be really naive and cruel about some things, she calls herself out often for being naive which makes it less “eye-rolly”.  She’s open and honest, and by sharing her experiences openly she makes it easier for you to relate the topic back to your own life. This is a general self-help book that touches on a lot of topics that women struggle with.

Rachel is a Christian and that is made very clear throughout the book.  I have no problem with that at all but I did find it a little much sometimes. I’m not personally someone that believes in God or the Bible. So the frequency with which she says things like, God’s plan, we are created by God, God has perfect timing, etc., was something that I noticed. It didn’t really bother me but it’s definitely in there a lot. So if that’s something you don’t like, then maybe this isn’t the book for you. It has a lot of questions to consider if you can look beyond the Bible thumping.

My favourite chapters were:

  1. “I’m going to marry Matt Damon” – basically a follow your dreams chapter even if it seems ridiculous to other people.
  2. “I need to make myself smaller” – A lesson about diminishing our accomplishments as women and not being proud of ourselves.
  3. “I’m not good enough” – Rachel gives you crap for thinking that way, for doubting yourself, and peps you back up.
  4. “I need a hero” – Essentially she says be your own hero.

Probably my favourite chapter in this book, however, was called “I should be further along by now” – This one really hit home for me. I tend to compare my life against other’s lives and then worry that my life isn’t moving fast enough. A big one for me is that my husband and I haven’t bought a home yet. We still rent an apartment. Almost everyone else my age has a house and a mortgage. Half the time I’m stressing about this, thinking that we need to save money faster and just buy a house that’s already built so I’m not living outside the normal. But then I remember that I am already so far outside the normal, I’m not living my life the way I was always told to and I like that about me. So when that competitive/comparative voice in my head starts talking, I think about how we have a different plan for our life together. My husband and I are going to do things differently. We have a dream to buy land and build a minimal home, which means we need more money saved then just a down payment on a mortgage. So I just remember my plan and don’t get swept into keeping up with everyone else. I’m on a different path and as Rachel says: “…it’s highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be, you will end up exactly where you’re meant to go.”  (Girl, Wash Your Face page 110).

Overall, this was an easy read that occasionally made me think. As self-help books go, it doesn’t dig very deep. There was nothing profound, no new information, but it was light and relatable and I think reading a book like that once in a while is a good, quick little reminder that we are enough and we aren’t alone. I know Hollis has a new book coming out but I’ll be honest I probably won’t read it. This is a book for women who haven’t even scratched the surface of self improvement. It didn’t really make me feel enlightened or empowered, it mostly made me feel bad that this woman thought she was ready to write a self help book. This is surface level ladies, but if that’s what you want to read go for it.

Happy reading guys πŸ™‚



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