Book: Rising Strong

Author: Brene Brown

Pages: 267

Rating: 8/10

Who Should Read This Book: Probably everyone, because we all have experience with shame and anxiety.

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First let me say, I’ve read almost every book Brene Brown has published.

I Thought it was Just me – Check

The Gifts Of Imperfection – Check

Daring Greatly – Check

Rising Strong  – Check

Braving the Wilderness – Check

Dare to Lead – on the extensive TBR list…

I really like the way Brown writes. She helps you forget you’re reading a self-help book. A lot of self-help books force you to become deeply introspective, which is great, but hard to do. Often what you discover when you go deep inside yourself can be difficult to process. Brene Brown causes this introspection but in a way that is less aggressive. I don’t feel down after reading her books. But I do feel like I’ve learned something.

She achieves this passive introspection by showing her extensive research. As well as sharing how this research has effected her own life. She gives many personal anecdotes that make her relatable and make the reader more comfortable applying what she has to say to their experiences. She also shares stories from her research participants and colleagues.

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In Rising Strong, Brown gives a three step process for dealing with what she calls “that face down in the arena” moment. This moment is usually accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt. It’s that moment when you realize you’ve made a terrible, embarrassing mistake.

The Reckoning – basically owning up to the fact that you made a mistake. She gives a lot of really good advice to help you deal with the emotions of this moment.

The Rumble  – basically figuring out why/how you came to this point where you made this mistake. How could you have handled that differently? Rumbling with the emotions that come from this moment.

The Revolution – basically resolving the problem with yourself and with anyone effected.

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Brown really put her best foot forward in this one. My favourite book by her is still I Thought it Was Just Me tied with Daring Greatly! However, I’m putting this one in third place. A quick and easy to read self-help book for those moments of shame and embarrassment we all have.

The only reason this book didn’t get 10/10 is because there are quite a few times when she calls back to previous books she’s written, and recycles some of her research. Which is helpful for people that haven’t read those books, but I found it happened a bit too often.

Take my advice and get yourself a Brene Brown book to read. You won’t regret it!




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