The Tattooist’s Love Story

Book: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Author: Heather Morris

Pages: 254

Rating: 8/10

Who Should Read This Book: Historical Fiction fans, people that like a good love story

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Hey guys!

I had heard so many good things about this book before I bought it and then after I bought it a few articles came out saying that there were historical inaccuracies in this book. This is something that usually really annoys me so I was a little apprehensive before reading this one.

But I didn’t need to worry, and neither do you. The book takes place during WW2 almost entirely within the walls of Auschwitz and it’s neighbouring camp Birkenau. There is very little historical detail given. The whole thing is a love story. So if there were any inaccuracies, I didn’t notice them. The book didn’t need too much detail of what was happening outside the camp.

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The story is written by Heather Morris based on interviews she conducted with Lale Sokolov, a holocaust survivor. So going in you know the main character Lale manages to make it through that terror. This made it easier for me to read, although I feared for the lives of many other characters.

Lale is from Slovakia and he ends up in Poland in April 1942. He speaks quite a few languages and that is part of the reason why he ends up with the job Tattooist. He tattoos all the newcomers to the camp with their identification numbers. It is in this way that he first makes eye contact with 34902. It’s love at first sight and the love story progresses from there. And let me tell you, it’s a beautiful story.

I read the majority of this book in one night, staying up until midnight because I couldn’t stop. I can’t say enough how wonderful the love story was, and it all the more amazing because I knew it was true. It was definitely hard to read at times how prisoners were treated in the camp. But the love story helps distract you from the horror. If you’re a historical fiction fan, or a fan of a good love story, this is the book for you!

Happy reading!


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