Book: Neuromancer

Author: William Gibson

Pages: 261

Rating: 7/10

Who should read this book: fans of sci-fi, futurology, cyberpunk, The Matrix movies

Happy Sunday bookies!

Today’s review is about the book my husband got me for my birthday. Neuromancer by William Gibson, is the first book in a trilogy and my man being awesome bought me all three books!

The story itself was very interesting, a classic heist scenario. The main character, Case, is hired to navigate cyberspace, called The Matrix, to aid a team of criminals going after something big. The team all meet up and Case receives several body modifications to make him more efficient. Including being able to connect via some kind of link to Molly, the assassin type. She’s the one that will be on the ground during the heist, while Case and others are behind the scenes. They travel around the world as a team stealing parts they need for the big job at the end of the book.

I gave this book 7/10 because it was a cool story. Case was on an adventure, there’s risk, fighting for your life, sex, and some really cool tech. The body mods everyone has are very interesting, as well as the futuristic tech outside. For example, they are driving somewhere in a self driving Mercedes that is giving them a tour! The car says things like ‘if you look over here this building blah blah’. We have Teslas now that drive themselves and I’m sure Elon Musk can add a tour guide mode if it’s not already there.

There are plenty of interesting sub characters with fascinating modifications. For example, Riveria, another member of the team, can make you hallucinate. He makes you see things that aren’t there and he uses this ability sometimes for fun and sometimes for evil. There are also some Rastafarians that live on the space station and they were some of my favourite sub characters. Exactly as you would imagine 200 year old Rastas to be but living in space and super zen about it.

My issue with the book was that there was so much technical language it often made the story take a back seat. I was reading more slowly than usual because I had to think more critically about what I was reading to understand it. Not unlike reading a nonfiction book, which is fine, but that’s not what I’m looking for in a fiction. The plot was often overshadowed by necessary descriptions of the tech.

I do want to read the rest of the trilogy because I want to know what happens to Molly and Case. As well I’m hoping for a return of some of the more interesting sub characters. If you loved the movie The Matrix, this book would be right up your alley. In fact, my hubs told me that the Matrix series was based off of this series.

I’m currently reading a historical fiction called The Essex Serpent so look forward to a review of the one soon!

Happy Reading!

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