My Lovely Wife is Crazy

Book: My Lovely Wife

Author: Samantha Downing

Pages: 371

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this book: thriller lovers, murder mystery lovers

Hey bookworms! Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend so far. I am going to a lecture today from Graham Hancock and his new book America Before! I’m so excited! I’m hoping to get my book signed! It will be my first time going to an author event like this so I’m pretty pumped. I will definitely write a blog post about the experience.

My Lovely Wife is about a murderous couple. The synopsis on the book says it’s Dexter meets Mr.&Mrs. Smith. The husband finds the victims and the wife does the murdering. They seem like a normal couple, he’s a tennis coach, she’s a real estate agent, and they have two teenage kids. But they have a dark secret they share together and no young woman is safe.

This is Samantha Downing’s first novel and it is very well written. I especially liked the dialogue and the quiet observations of the narrator. It wasn’t overly descriptive but it did give you a really good look inside the narrator’s head.

The plot started quickly and didn’t lull. I was hooked in from page one wondering what this husband and wife were up to. And the action never stops, there is constantly new information and clues dropping, pulling you in with the need to know more. I really enjoyed that you get a back story as you go of how these two actually got into this horrible habit of murder.

There was one big twist and an unpredictable ending. The reason this book didn’t get a perfect score is because I predicted the big twist. I didn’t see the ending coming though and was shocked by that! So it lost one point for the twist. It lost another point because I felt too confident in my guess the whole book. I love when a thriller makes me think maybe I know what’s going on, but I still second guess myself. This one I was positive that I knew what was really going on and I was right. So it lost another point.

Overall for a debut thriller novel this book was amazing. I basically read the whole thing in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down. I would really recommend it to any thriller lover!

Happy Reading!



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