The Need…to keep reading

Book: The Need

Author: Helen Phillips

Pages: 258

Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this one: thriller lovers, sci-fi lovers, moms who like a good scare


Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for this proof copy. This book releases today!

This is my first book by this author but I really liked her writing! The story was crazy, the suspense built and hooked me, and the ending was wild.

Molly is a paleobotanist working in a large pit where she has recently discovered not only some never before seen fossilized plant species, but also some artifacts that aren’t exactly right. For example, a Bible where all the pronouns for God are feminine. She has two kids and a husband who is out of town. When she arrives home after work, she relieves the babysitter and takes over dinner duty. Then she hears footsteps in her living room…there is an intruder in her house wearing a deer mask…

Writing: 2/2 – Helen Phillips is a wonderful writer. The detail was not over the top and she left me in suspense and making wild guesses the whole time. I really enjoyed the way this book was written with very short chapters as well. It felt like the book flew by because it was so choppy. The end of every chapter was a cliffhanger making me turn the page.

Hook: 2/2 – By page 20 of this book I was in. The deer masked intruder happens so quickly, and then it just gets crazier and crazier.

Plot: 1/2 – This book was weird. It was a really good story but I had a hard time relating to the main character a little. Most likely because I’m not a mother. There were quite a few things that would (I think) have had a serious effect on mothers that did nothing for me. That being said I still think it’s a great book.

Twist: 1/2 – The twist actually happens really early in this book, in the first third. And it is really cool and weird. But then you spend the rest of the book wondering wtf she’s going to do. So a great twist, but it’s losing one point because I predicted the ending.

Feeling: 2/2 – Overall this was an excellent thriller. A little different from any other thriller I’ve read with it’s sci-fi-ness. It was a book I couldn’t put down. I would have read it a lot faster if I hadn’t moved to a new house last week. The whole time I was unpacking I was itching to get to it. Actually it was a toss up all weekend between this book and Stranger Things season 3. The feeling I got throughout was a creepy wtf vibe and an overwhelming need to know how the MC was going to solve the serious problem she was dealing with.

I highly recommend this one as a quick WTF thriller!

Happy Reading!

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