Someone We Know is Lying

Book: Someone We Know

Author: Shari Lapena

Pages: 330

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 9/10

Who should read this book: Thriller fans, fans of a great whodunit

Ok first of all thank you to Penguin Random Canada for sending me this ARC in exchange for an honest review! This book released July 30th. I am new to the thriller genre. Since getting into bookstagram, I have been reading more and more of them. This was my first Shari Lapena and I have fallen in love. Her and Ruth Ware are battling for first place! I will definitely be reading more of her books.

In a quiet suburb two houses receive an anonymous apology letter. The letter is apologizing for this persons son sneaking into their house and into their computer. Then one of the neighbours winds up murdered. That’s when all the secrets and lies of this small suburb come out.

Writing 2/2 points: So Lapena is really good at writing suspense. This book was intense! The first night I started reading it, I woke up at 2am from a bad dream and had to go double check that all the doors into my house were locked. The characters are not super developed but they can’t be in my opinion because there are too many of them. Lapena has you looking in all directions trying to figure out which once of these 10 or so people are the murderer. It was very well written.

Hook 2/2 points: The hook was perfect. It starts with the break-ins and you get a glimpse into this boys head and it’s creepy. Then his mother finds out and writes anonymous letters to the owners of the houses he broke into. You’re thinking that was a dumb move, well it was. But she’s not the only idiot in the bunch. Soon enough a woman’s body is found. It’s one of their neighbours. Chaos ensues.

Plot 1/2 points: The plot was really good but there was just one thing about it that bugged me. All these neighbours and spouses, they are all lying. Like everyone is lying to everyone and I just couldn’t get over the fact that nobody had been caught yet. How  did the spouses not know? How come the kid snooping in computers didn’t find more of this dirt? I can’t say much else without spoiling the book, which I don’t want to do because it was amazing. But that bothered me a little, how did all these secrets exist in one small group. It seems a bit impossible.

Twist 2/2 points: I always have a guess, I thought I knew who the murderer was, I was so sure. And I was wrong. So Lapena wins for besting me. The twist was perfect, completely plausible, all the clues were there but it was written so perfectly that you were distracted by other crazy stuff the whole time.

Feel 2/2 points: This book was suspenseful and addictive. I finished it in two days, I couldn’t put it down. The feel throughout the book for me was either confusion, shock, or frustration with the characters. But every chapter had another twist, another turn, to keep me desperate to know the truth. I was perfect. I will definitely be picking up more of  Shari Lapena’s books.

Happy Reading!

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