Maggie MacCormack the Scottish Witch

Book: Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel

Author: Kaja Blackley

Genre: YA Fantasy

Pages: 469

Rating: 9/10

Who should read this book: young adults, middle grade readers and adults that are fans of a coming of age witch story!

First I want to say thank you to Kaja and Christina Blackley for this book. It’s super fun for me to read a book written by my running friend’s husband.

Kaja Blackley has always been a writer, one of his stories was even made into a Hollywood movie, but Maggie is his first novel. This novel is for sale at and 10.5% of all proceeds are donated to One Tree Planted, The Barrie Food Bank, Sea Legacy and Children’s Book Bank.

Maggie MacCormack is a 12-year-old girl that has grown up in foster care in Scotland. She’s been shuffled around a bunch until finally she ends up with Fiona. At first it seems like Fiona is just a really nice older woman, that lives with her son Duncan and another boy named Watts. But everything is not as it seems. As Maggie learns her true heritage as a Wood Witch, a protector of the forest, she must decide if she accepts this fate.

Maggie MacCormak and the Witches’ Wheel, is filled with magic, talking animals, evil goblins, faeries and an epic battle of good vs. evil. This is a great YA fantasy for everyone.

Hook 2/2 points: We very quickly learn the truth about Maggie’s true identity and it becomes a coming-of-age story. Which are my favourite YA books. I was immediately hooked in by the story and all the magic.

Writing 2/2 points: Kaja has a very fun and fluid writing style. I was never bored while reading, and I read this book in one weekend. I definitely wanted to know what happened to Maggie and I was rooting for her the whole book. The characters were well described, the dialogue was fun because it was all Scottish brogue, and the plot was very intriguing.

Plot 2/3 points: There are a lot of characters that weave in and out of this story, and don’t get me wrong the story was great! I just sometimes felt like there was a lot happening. There is a constant flow of new information for Maggie and she starts to feel overwhelmed which in turn made me feel overwhelmed. I think if I were to read this book again, I would read it more slowly and maybe that would help.

Feel 3/3 points: The book was great, it was really fun and I think it’s very well written. Great book for young adults. The good vs. evil, the growing up and taking responsibility, figuring out who you are and who you want to be, and taking care of your family, are all great themes within this book. I highly recommend it!

Happy Reading!

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