The Whisper Man at the Window

Book: The Whisper Man

Author: Alex North

Pages: 355

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this book: Thriller fans, fans of detective books

So reading the blurbs on the back of this book I was expecting to be terrified. It was definitely a good thriller and it was very creepy. But I never had to pull a Joey and put it in the freezer.

The Whisper Man is about a child kidnapper that targets little boys. They say that they hear whispers outside their windows and then they are taken. But The Whisper Man has been in jail for 20 years when 7-year-old Neil Spencer is taken. It’s not until his mother tells police that the night before he was complaining about someone whispering outside his window that The Whisper Man comes up. Pete Willis was the lead detective 20 years ago that caught the Whisper Man so he is called in to help. Soon Jake and his father Tom Kennedy move to town and Jake hears whispering at his window.

Writing 2/2: I liked the writing style. The chapters were fairly short each from a different persons perspective including that of 7-year-old Jake. I sometimes struggle with child narrators but I liked this one! The story jumps around from Tom and Jake the unsuspecting new residents and Pete and Amanda the two detectives on the hunt for another Whisper Man. The characters were well written and the internal dialogue was really well done.

Hook 2/2: The book starts in an incredibly creepy way, from the perspective of a man as he watches a little boy just before kidnapping him. We then go to the detectives trying to find the little boy and learn about The Whisper Man, an old case of a serial killer, but he’s already behind bars. So we have a copy cat or an accomplice that’s started again.

Twist 1/2: This book had quite a few little twists! But I predicted about half of them including the killer. That didn’t take too much away from my enjoyment of this thriller though.

Plot 1/2: The story overall was creepy and suspenseful! I was definitely hooked in and kept turning the pages. There were just a few too many convenient plot elements that made the story seem a but unrealistic to me. There was also this really creepy subplot that I wanted more of but it stayed underdeveloped so I was disappointed with that.

Feel 2/2: This book hooked me in and kept me interested the whole way through. It was creepy and disturbing and I was invested in the characters and what happened with the investigation. So overall a great first thriller for #thrilleroctober!

Happy Reading!

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