Book Review: Follow Me To Ground by Sue Rainsford

Book: Follow Me to Ground

Author: Sue Rainsford

Pages: 197

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 9/10

Who Should Read this book: witchy fantasy lovers, but not like in your face magic.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review. This one releases January 21st!

Follow Me to Ground is a beautiful story, the writing is equal parts enthralling and haunting. It’s about Ada, a healer and young woman. She lives with her father who has been teaching her how to use her healing powers. The people in the town come to be cured of their ills. Ada and her father cal them Cures. They open people up and look inside them, they remove the affected organs, and sing enchantments to heal. They will also bury people in the ground, a special patch of ground in their yard, and let the ground fix them.

Hook 2/2: First I just want to say part of the appeal of this book for me was the gorgeous cover and the fact that it was less than 200 pages. I love a long book but I also enjoy a bite  size book I can get through in one weekend. Within a few chapters we have met Ada and her father and have learned about their healing powers and that is a great hook for me.

Plot 2/2: The plot gets really interesting half way in, we learn some salacious rumours about some of the people in Ada’s life and the feeling is like oh crap how is this going to end.

Writing 2/2: Absolutely beautiful and haunting writing style. I loved the formatting in this book. It was just a little bit different, not enough to freak you out but enough to make Sue Rainsford stand out.

Characters 1/2: I felt like I really got to understand Ada by the end, but not her father and I wanted more info about him. He is left a little vague but maybe that was on purpose.

Feel 2/2: This was a very intriguing and unique story for me. I really enjoyed it, I loved the ending and I was hooked right from the beginning. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more work by Sue Rainsford.

Happy Reading!

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