Book Review: Hunger by Roxane Gay

Book: Hunger

Author: Roxane Gay

Genre: Memoir

Pages: 304

Rating: 8/10

Who should read this book: Every. Single. Woman.


This was my first nonfiction of the year for #12nonfiction2020 and I’m so glad I chose this one! Hunger is a memoir about Roxane Gay’s life in her body. This memoir is raw, deep, and dark. Roxane’s life has not been easy. I really feel that all women could benefit from reading this one. Roxane talks in depth about the ways women’s bodies are treated in the media and the expectations that are put on all of us to look perfect. She also talks openly about the struggles of being obese, how people don’t see her, how people don’t respect her body, how people assume she is always eating poorly and not exercising. When she goes to a doctor with a sore throat, they only want to talk about her weight. The fact that Gay has had to deal with all this stress, this disrespect for over 20 years sounds horrible. But she’s also very open that much of this suffering she brought upon herself, she talks about trying to change patterns that have been there for 20 years and how difficult that is.

I always struggle when rating a memoir because how do you rate a person’s life story? I loved this book, but it was sometimes hard to read. I usually read a book in 3-4 days but this one I could only read 30-40 pages a day because it was so heavy. I’m docking points because there was a bit of repetition but overall I loved this one.

January was the perfect time to read this book because I’ve made all these New Year’s Resolutions and put expectations on my body. I’m rethinking all of these resolutions now, the pressure I’m putting on myself is too much. So I will be doing some rethinking on those. I am perfect just the way I am.

Happy Reading!!

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