Book Review: Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor

Book: Beyond the Moon

Author: Catherine Taylor

Pages: 483

Rating: 9/10

Genre: Historical Fiction/romance/fantasy

Who should read this book: Fans of time travel, love stories, a bit of paranormal

Thank you to Catherine Taylor for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. I read this one for Bookish Month of Love, and it was my last love story for February.

Beyond the Moon is set in 1917 and 2017. Louisa Casson is a patient at Coldbrook Psychiatric hospital in 2017 and Robert Lovett is an injured soldier at Coldbrook hospital in 1917. Louisa while exploring the out of bounds old wing discovers a door that leads her to Robert’s room in 1917.

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Writing 2/2: I really enjoyed Catherine’s style. The characters were well developed and evoked a lot of emotion out of me. I also liked the formatting a lot. The story jumps around through time, and the chapters were well labelled to help me remember what century I was in.

Hook 2/2: The book starts with Robert, injured in a hospital in England during WW1 and then chapter 2 we meet Louisa also injured in a hospital in 2017. Within the first 50 pages Louisa is stuck in the psychiatric hospital against her will and you are rooting for her to find a way out. And she does, into 1916.

Plot 2/2: I thought this was a really cool story. The bits in 2017 at the psychiatric hospital were appalling but based on reality. The treatment of the mentally ill in hospitals like that had me grinding my teeth with frustration. There is also a section in 1917 where trench foot is described in detail that had me gagging. It was so interesting to see the differences in lifestyle between now and 100 years ago. Louisa, who travels in both times, really notices the difference and brings our attention to it.

Historical Accuracy 2/2: Very well done, all the parts in 1917 were so authentic. I really felt like a soldier in a trench or in a military hospital. Like a nurse trying to help all these injured soldiers.

Feel 1/2: This is where the book lost one point. I found myself getting frustrated with the way things were progressing. I loved the story but was getting frustrated by the slowness. But then the last 100 pages were so good, so it’s worth the slow middle bit.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good historical time travelling love story!

Happy Reading!

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