New job? Angie Edits

Good morning readers!

For a long time I have wanted to make a supplemental income. I’m the bookkeeper for a flooring company. But I have more time. I get a lot of reading done but that doesn’t help me get closer to buying a house. So I’m starting something new!

I have always been very particular about grammar, and I used to teach English as a Second Language. ESL is basically trying to explain why English doesn’t make any sense. Have you ever tried to explain to someone why this is not correct: “I bought a red big cozy sweater.” Or the difference between Through, Threw and Thru? There, Their and They’re? It’s not easy. Teaching ESL helped me learn more about grammar. And I want to take that knowledge and help people produce the best and most professional content they can!

So if you or anyone you know is looking for an editor, send them my way! My info and rates can be found on this website under the Angie Edits tab. I’m so excited to start this new adventure and see where it takes me! Thank you for your support!

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