December Readathon

When am I not hosting a readathon? But really I’m so excited for this 15 day reading challenge in December. Here are the details:

December 17-31

Reading 2,020 pages to say goodbye to this insane year.

Giveaway entries for posting photos to your feed with the hashtag #readgoodbyeto2020, one entry when you hit 1,010 pages, and one entry for finishing at 2,020 pages! Tag me in everything.

Winners will get a book of their choice to kick off 2021!

I will be providing a page tracking template to use in your stories to keep track, be sure to tag me when you use it!

There are no rules about what books you read! To figure out pages for ebooks and audiobooks, you can look up the page counts on most book selling websites and then figure out your page count by percentage. Or just add those pages when you finish the book.

I’m so excited to finish the year with a bunch of great books and I hope you’ll join me! Page tracker and rules template below!

Happy Reading! Ps. Check out this blog post by Whispering Stories to see all the other cool readathons happening in December!

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