Getting ready for March!

Hey Guys! So I planned out my Angie Way schedule for March and I’m so excited for my TBR next month. I scheduled 8 books, 3 are preorders that will arrive on time (hopefully) during the month. I’ve got 2 arcs to read and a few new releases from February. I’m also joining in for Cozy Mystery March with @readwithaimee, you can find details for that readathon here. I’ve never read a cozy mystery, I ordered one called Bookmarked For Death by Lorna Barrett.

I’ve been doing well with my goal this year so far to read at least 12 non-fictions. I’ve finished 2 and am a third into another one. But in March I get to buddy read a nonfiction with my friend @anna.andthebooks We are going to read The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. I have had this one on my shelf for a while. I got it from my local used book store a few years ago. The lady who owns the store is so nice, we were talking about climate change and she told me there was a book I might like that she had just finished. And she pulled out The Sixth Extinction. She said someone had brought it in the other day for trade and she immediately read it before putting it on the shelf for sale. So I bought it for $3. Now I’m finally getting around to reading it!

I’ve got some other preorders and backlist books on my list of Extras for the month as well. I enjoyed having so much time to read in February because I mostly worked at home. But now the stay at home order has been lifted and I’m back to the office. So I probably won’t get as much reading done in March.

March is a fun month for me birthday wise because my husband’s birthday is on the 9th and my birthday is March 31st! I’m not going to be able to celebrate my birthday again this year most likely. Last March we were in the first full lockdown from Covid and my family and a few friends dropped off gifts on my front porch through the day. It was really nice. I was pretty down that birthday because we had just had to cancel our vacation to LA. So this birthday will be better. I’m still not going to be able to see anyone but I’m used to it now lol.

I hope you all have a great week of reading this last week of February, I have one book left to finish for the Bookish Month Of Love V2 called Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach. What book are you finishing February with?

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for March!

  1. Hoping to finish February with Fable on audiobook and The Vanishing Half as my physical book!
    Your March plans sound great! I need to make it a plan to read more non-fiction, l have so many good ones on my shelf.


  2. Planning to finish out February with Fable on audio and The Vanishing Half as my physical book.

    Your March plans sound great! I need to plan to read more non-fiction; I like how you’ve committed to 12 a year, I might try to do the same. Thank you for the suggestion!


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