Book Review: Heartstopper V1&2

Hey bookworms! Are you into graphic novels? Are you into super cute YA love stories? Are you into LGBQTIA2+ representation? Then you need to check out the Heartstopper books by Alice Oseman.

This post contains affiliate links. See Contact for disclaimer. I make a commission on Indigo purchases at no extra cost to you.

First let me comment on the art in these graphic novels, it’s adorable. The characters are cute and there are lots of little details that just make you smile while reading. The book starts with Charlie Spring, a quiet and shy musician in Year 10. He came out as gay the year before and dealt with some major bullying at his all boys school, but in year 10 people are leaving him alone. One day he is assigned a seat next to Nick, a rubgy player he doesn’t know very well, but a friendship forms. And slowly Nick starts to understand maybe he feels something more for Charlie.

I think this series should be required reading for teenagers. There is so much you can learn about LGBQTIA2+ youth from these novels. There are 3 volumes out (except Volume 3 doesn’t release in Canada until May). I read volume 1&2 in one day and I had a smile on my face the whole time. I highly recommend these ones for a cute feel good story.

Happy Reading!

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