Book review: Namesake by Adrienne Young

Good day bookworms! I finished Namesake last Thursday, it took me two days to read the first 50 pages and then one day to read the last 300! It’s a 350 page book and at the 200 page mark, I couldn’t stop reading, I stayed up past midnight to finish. Namesake is the second book in a series by Adrienne Young. Book 1 is called Fable. Fable is the name of the main character, and you can probably surmise that in book 2 you figure out where the name Fable came from. I read book 1 in December and it ended on a wicked cliff-hanger so I was happy to finally have the sequel in my hands.

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Book 1, Fable, is about a young woman that works as a dredger on the island of Jeval. She is stranded there and trying to get off the island, but she needs to sell enough stone to pay for passage. A dredger is someone who can dive to a reef holding their breath for a long time, this is pirate times so there’s no equipment, and dig for gems. Fable is really good at it, she was taught by her mom before she died. But being a good dredger makes her competition to all the other dredgers, so she’s constantly watching her back. I really enjoyed book 1, if you like pirates and a bit of fantasy, it’s a great read. And the crazy cliffhanger won’t bother you because book 2 is out now.

If you read beyond here, warning there are SPOILERS for book 1. No spoilers for book 2 don’t worry.

This post contains affiliate links. See contact page for disclaimer. I make a commission on purchases from Indigo at no extra cost to you.

Namesake finds Fable kidnapped by Zola and Clove and sailing away from West and the crew of the Marigold. Zola has kidnapped her to do a job for him, because he’s learned she’s a gem sage. I found the pacing just as good as book 1, once you get into the story, you can’t put it down. She ends up in the Unnamed Sea and learns more about her mother’s family. The ending didn’t really imply to me that there would be another book but maybe I should look it up. Okay Adrienne Young’s website calls it a duology so I guess it’s the end of Fable’s story. I feel okay with that because I thought it was a great story and I loved the ending!

If you like fantasy and pirates you need to read this book. I will most certainly be checking out more of Adrienne Young’s work.

Happy Reading!


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