Book Review: The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett

Good morning bookworms! I finished The Windsor Knot with a big group of Canadians organized by Tandem Collective Global. It was really fun to read it with a big group and discuss it throughout. We were all sent a copy of the book from Harper Collins. So thanks!

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This one was fun to read because it seemed so realistic. Of course the Queen of England is a sleuth. A murder is discovered in the Windsor Castle and MI5 is brought in to solve the case. But the head of the investigation quickly develops a theory that the Queen doesn’t agree with. So she takes matters into her own hands. But she has spent most of her reign being treated like a slow old lady, the only people that take her seriously are her personal assistants. Her current PA is a young black woman named Rozie. She is new to the job, but the Queen puts her to the test when she asks her to start doing secret tasks and asking secret questions of her dinner guests. Rozie handles it all so smoothly, she’s extremely intelligent and she can kick ass too. And she trusts the Queen, together they make a great team.

Overall I would give this 4 stars. I enjoyed it, reading it in just two days. But I felt like some of the characters could have been developed a little more. This was definitely a cozy mystery. It was a little sinister, but not enough to make you squirmy. I really hope SJ Bennett plans to write more of this plot line with Rozie and the Queen!

Happy Reading!


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