Book Review: The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Good morning bookworms! Happy Monday! I have moved my office back to my house again. This is the third time I’ve had to move my set up from our work office. The last stay-at-home order started at the end of December and I moved back to my office the first week of March. So when they announced another stay-at-home order at the beginning of April I was annoyed. I didn’t move back home right away for two reasons. 1 – it’s really annoying to move my heavy desktop computer and two screens along with all my files. 2 – I work in the office alone or with my husband 90% of the time. I rarely see my other coworkers. But the lockdown is on and the cases are getting higher and higher. They have given police the power to stop check people that are outside of their house, and I don’t want to deal with that hassle. So I’ve moved back home. The current order lasts until May 20th, so I’m here until then. I am not very focused when I work from home, mostly because my office is set up in my library and all those books are calling to me. Upside: I do get a lot more reading done.

Anyways this is a book review! Thank you to Tor books for sending me The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia in exchange for an honest review. This one publishes next Tuesday, April 27th. I’m giving this one 4 stars!

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Nina is 19 when she starts her first grand season (basically a debutante). She is put into the care of her cousin-in-law Valerie to be escorted to balls and introduced to eligible young men. Except Nina has a talent, she is telekinetic. She can move things with her mind and when she gets angry, she lets objects fly by accident. Telekinesis is uncommon in their society but known. Nina has studied her talent and others who have it. So when she meets Hector, a very talented telekinetic performer she eagerly wants to get to know him. But she doesn’t know Hector and Valerie had a tryst when they were younger and even though Valerie is married now, Hector will do anything to see her. And Valerie will do anything to keep Hector from noticing how lovely Nina really is.

This is a dramatic little love triangle that will get you hooked and keep you reading. It’s like a romance with forbidden love, vengeful characters, and innocent first love, but add a bit of magic. This was my first book by SMG, I know so many people rave about Mexican Gothic and Gods of Jade and Shadow. So I will definitely be reading those. Her writing was wonderful, I think that was my favourite thing about the book. She really kept me captivated and the drama wasn’t overdone. I don’t generally enjoy family saga type books because there is so much secrecy and melodrama, but I thought SMG had a perfect balance of both.

Nina was my favourite character by far. She’s obsessed with beetles and not ashamed at all of her telekinetic talent, even though everyone tells her to hide it. She’s supposed to be demure and classy, be she’s bold and asks for what she wants. My favourite line of hers: “Also, when a lad last tried to take liberties with me, I soundly slapped him and that solved the problem.” She’s badass for a debutante!

I would highly recommend this book to fans of low fantasy, historical romance, and those that have enjoyed other novels by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Happy Reading!


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