Book review: The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Thank you very much to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book releases today!

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The Soulmate Equation was another cute rom-com from the team of Christina Lauren. This is a closed door light-hearted romance featuring a single mother and a handsome workaholic scientist. I would say the trope is forced proximity, in that the two don’t want to start dating but they are forced to.

I enjoyed the added element of the main love interest being a single mom, I like that second chance at happiness kind of story. A really good one I read recently was You Had Me At Hola where the guy was a single dad. I’m a sucker for a tragedy or a heartbreak and then finding happiness again.

The plot definitely followed the rom-com story line that is becoming a bit repetitive in mainstream romance books. Two people meet, they are hesitant because they’ve both been hurt, they let their guards down, they fall in love, some problem happens and they get mad and break up, problem gets fixed or one apologizes, happily ever after. They are beginning to feel all the same to me. I have a similar feeling about thrillers.

That being said, I still enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish. It made me happy and that’s the whole point of reading right? I have only read two other books by this author duo but I’ve liked them all so I will definitely read more.

Happy Reading!


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