Book Review: A Fate of Wrath and Flame by KA Tucker

The newest release from KA Tucker isn’t a romance! It’s a fantasy book all about demons and fates.

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I have read a lot of KA Tucker’s books. My favourite was The Simple Wild series. She is known for her romance novels, so when I saw she was jumping into the world of fantasy, I was very intrigued. This is a portal fantasy. The main character is from our human world but she is transported during the book to a different world where demons, vampires, witches and elves exist. As well as many dangerous creatures.

Romeria is a thief, she works for a sleazy crime lord stealing jewels mostly. But when Sofie, a mysterious woman, shows up and knows a lot about Romeria’s family, things get interesting. Sofie offers Romeria a heist job with a price she can’t resist. Next thing she knows, she’s in another world and she’s very confused. Romeria is the only narrator of the book which makes things confusing for the reader as well, since Romeria has no clue where she is or what this world is. We learn along with her through the book with a sudden and exciting ending, that leaves the door wide open for a sequel.

The main story follows Romeria as she struggles to complete her mission for Sofie in a world she doesn’t understand, while simultaneously pretending to be Princess Romeria, engaged to King Zander. She uses this identity as cover for her real mission but of course Zander is a hunk and very much in her life as her fiance. The romance is a slow burn, but definitely worth the wait. I really enjoyed this fantasy and I’m very much looking forward to the next book.

If you’ve ever enjoyed KA Tucker’s other books, you should check this one out. And if you’re a fan of fantasy with a strong-willed female lead, this one is definitely worth the read. Thank you very much to Valentine PR and KA Tucker for my advanced digital arc. I preordered the paperback because this is one I need on my shelves.

Happy Reading!


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