July Angie Way

It’s that time of the month again where I plan the next month’s reading adventures. I’m quite behind on ARC’s so my schedule for July was pretty much planned for me by publishers. But I’m not complaining about free books!

I usually use my Angie Way reading plan each month to schedule ARC’s (advanced reader copies), buddy reads and then any book I really want to read, maybe for a readathon or a challenge. But for July, 5 of the 6 books I have planned were sent to me by publishers and I haven’t read them yet.

Here the list of books:

  1. Dog Days by Erica Walker published May 11 and was sent by St. Martin’s Press.
  2. One Last Stop by Casey Mcquiston published June 1 and was sent by Raincoast Books.
  3. Shoulder Season by Cristina Clancy releases July 6th and was sent by St. Martin’s Press.
  4. The Husbands by Chandler Baker releases June 29th and was sent by Raincoast Books.
  5. Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr releases September 28th and was sent by Simon & Schuster.
  6. The Kingdom of Copper is the second book in the Daevabad trilogy that I started in June.

I also have on the extras list Instamom by Chantel Geurtin which releases June 29th and was sent by Penguin and The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John which is a buddy read I’m going to try and join. In June I scheduled myself 100 pages a day for all the fantasy books but I have been falling behind a bit more than usual. What keeps happening is I don’t read the whole 100 pages one day and then read 200 pages the next. So I still finish the books on time but it’s up and down. Which is fine because the point is just to read. But I’ve lowered the page count per day in July to about 80 to try and keep up. Plus I’m reading 2 books over 500 pages on this list.

I’m really looking forward to all these arcs, especially Cloud Cuckoo Land and One Last Stop, both were on my preorder list for 2021. What are you hoping to read in July? I hope to be able to continue some of the fantasy series I started in June as well as catching up on all these arcs!

Happy Reading!


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