Book Review: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Book: One Last Stop

Author: Casey McQuiston

Genre: Romance Comedy

Rating: 8/10

Good morning bookworms! I’ve finished my first book of July! One Last Stop is a sapphic love story and I found it really cute!

Hook: 1/2 – This one starts a little slow and then gets good and then slows down again and then gets good. The story starts with introducing August and her hunt for an apartment in New York. We learn about her childhood spent with her single mother who was trying to solve the cold case of her missing brother who disappeared when she was 8. August spent her whole life helping her mom get access to files and solving other cold cases. So she’s like a detective. We learn that she is bisexual and has never been in a serious relationship. She ends up sharing an apartment with Niko, Myla and Wes and living across the hall from Annie/Isiah the accountant/Drag Queen. On her way to classes on the subway she meets a beautiful Asian girl named Jane and eventually learns Jane can’t leave the subway. She’s stuck in a time warp on the train and she’s been there since 1977. So detective August busts out to try and solve the mystery of why Jane is stuck on the train.

Plot: 3/3 – This was a really cool story and a fun way to write a romance. August and Jane start to get to know each other while trying to figure out Jane’s situation and eventually fall in love. And then it becomes even more imperative that they get Jane off the train.

Writing: 2/2 – I love Casey’s style. Her first book Red, White & Royal Blue is one of my all time favourites and her writing style did not disappoint in this book either. Occasionally I felt the pacing was a little slow but I was never at a point where I wanted to put the book down. So I was kept interested the whole time.

Characters 2/3 – The side characters made this book for me. I honestly didn’t really like August at first. But Niko, Myla, Wes and Annie were so interesting. And Casey does a great job of giving these side characters backstory and personality. I struggled with August because she just had to do one thing differently in the beginning of the book, behave a little more like an adult, and the mystery solving would have been so much easier. I struggle when the plot is driven by one characters one bad decision because I just want to yell at them. But it also works because I spend the whole book hoping they will figure it out and I’m so happy when they do.

Overall, I thought this was a great romcom and another book to add to the Casey McQuiston shelf. I will definitely look forward to another book by this author. If you like a good romcom with lots of fun and interesting characters, I highly recommend this one.

Happy Reading!


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