Book Review: Instamom by Chantel Guertin

Good morning bookworms! Thank you to Penguin Random Canada for sending me a finished copy of this one.

Book: Instamom

Author: Chantel Guertin

Rating: 6/10

Genre: Romance Comedy

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Hook: 2/2 – This book starts with Kit Kidding at an influencer PR event. She has hundreds of thousands of instagram followers and an agent that signs her up for events where she gets paid to appear and take photos to post to her social media. Kit is an advocate for women who choose to be child free. She has written a book about it and that’s her brand. She also has a private bookstagram account and an obsession with books which is very relatable. I found myself really intrigued by this book because I am also child free by choice! It even sparked a really interesting conversation on my own instagram page, I saved it all in a highlight!

Plot: 2/3 – Overall I enjoyed the story, but it was pretty predictable and I struggled with the characters. I think it was cool to have a main character that was child free but she ends a step mom anyways. The story of how she gets to that point was the good stuff.

Writing: 1/2 – It was pretty good? There was a lot of stuff that I felt could have been done differently with the structure of the story. It was also more problems with the characters to be honest.

Characters: 1/3 – Ok I liked Kit except for she’s supposed to be this strong woman that stands against the societal pressure that all women should be mothers. She supports so many women and runs these groups for child free women. But in her own life she has no back bone and people walk all over her. It was really annoying. The main guy did ZERO for me. He was a dick to her the whole book and didn’t have any compassion at all for what she was struggling with. All the side characters had no depth and were just absolute bitches. The only character I really loved was the 8-year-old girl.

Overall it was just okay. There was also some wording used when Kit is talking about her book. She says she’s been convincing women to go child free. And I didn’t like that. I don’t think anyone should be convincing other women to have kids or not have kids. It should be about encouraging women to make the choice that is best for them. People have been trying to convince me to have kids for years, and I hate it. So I wouldn’t want that to go the other way either. Many women want kids but maybe they don’t have the right partner so that’s holding them back, or a million other reasons. I am child free by choice because that’s what I want. If a women came to me and said she was struggling to decided whether she wanted kids or not, I wouldn’t be attempting to convince her one way or the other. I would be there for her to work through the pros and cons, how she truly feels and support her with whatever decision she made in the end.

Anyways, that’s my hot take.

Happy reading!


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