Book Review: Dog Days by Ericka Waller

Book: Dog Days

Author: Ericka Waller

Genre: Literary fiction

Rating: 9/10

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for sending me this advanced copy which I did not read before pub day in May. Oops. Okay first there are no dogs dying in this book. But there are a lot of other sad human things happening and I encourage you to look up the trigger warnings for this book. The ones I can think of are spousal abuse, pregnancy loss, suicide, cutting, death of spouse and homophobia.

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This book has a lot of characters, they all have a different story and they all intertwine. There is a cantankerous old man called George, he has a puppy named Poppy that his wife brought home 3 weeks before she died. She left notes around the house telling George how to take care of himself but he isn’t doing well. Dan is a counselor with a dog named Fitz. He has a new client named Atticus that he is very attracted to and confused by. Dan’s cousin Luke also lives nearby with his wolfhound, Wolfie. Lizzie is staying in a woman’s shelter with her son and has to help take care of the shelter dog, Maud. She takes her to The Beacon, the dog park most of these people go to and that’s where she meets Luke and Wolfie.

Hook: 2/2 – We start with George and he’s so grumpy. We learn why and that little bit of heartbreak got me hooked. I knew immediately this book was going to make me cry.

Plot: 2/3 – I do always enjoy a book where there are lot’s of stories that combine in the end. But this book was so sad, it was like every character’s story was designed to make me feel miserable and then a bit happy at the end. So the book was amazing but also felt like maybe too much sadness and not enough happiness by the end. It was really heartwarming but I’ve been thinking about this book for a week and it’s always a sad feeling.

Writing: 2/2 – Ericka Waller has a great writing style. She pulled so many emotions out of me. I will definitely read more of her work.

Characters: 3/3 – The fact that every story included a dog character really helped bring up the mood. I thought all the characters were well written and intriguing.

Overall this was a great book if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming cry.

Happy Reading!


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