Book Review: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Book: Project Hail Mary

Author: Andy Weir

Genre: Science fiction

Rating: 10/10

Good morning bookworms! This is the third book by Andy Weir. If you have seen the movie The Martian with Matt Damon, Andy Weir is the author of that book. His second book was called Artemis, and is about a heist on a future moon colony. Project Hail Mary is about a space adventure. And it was amazing. I had the rare pleasure of reading this book alongside my husband. He was reading the digital copy while I read the physical book. He still hasn’t quite finished but we can talk about it while he reads since I know everything! I also just learned that MGM already bought the movie rights to this book and are in pre-production. The movie will start Ryan Gosling. I’m so excited.

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Hook 2/2: Loved the hook. Going in you should know, all of Andy Weir’s books tend to be heavy on math and science. Which makes sense because they’ve all been set in space. But I find for the most part, he does a good job of putting everything into terms the average person can understand. The hook is great, a man wakes up on a space ship all by himself, with robots taking care of him. He doesn’t remember his name, or why he’s on a space ship, but he does know that he’s a scientist and understands what’s happening around him. He slowly starts getting his memories back and his flashbacks tell us, the reader, why he is alone on a spaceship. It’s a 476 page book and within 50 pages it became unputdownable.

Writing 3/3: I really enjoy Weir’s writing. I think he does a great job creating characters you can cheer for, characters you can emphasize with and care about. The Martian spent 80% of the book with one man alone in space and this one is pretty much the same. With a few really awesome differences that I can’t tell you because spoilers. But I honestly think this might be his best book yet.

Plot 3/3: Just wow. You’ve got a one man mission to save the world from an alien parasite that is absorbing the sun’s energy that we need. He’s sent on a suicide mission to retrieve information about the alien parasite, it will take 26 years for the information to return. The world has maybe 30 years before everyone is dead. It’s tense on Earth and it’s tense in the spaceship where this man has to solve the problem all by himself. Not to mention dealing with ship maintenance and fuel supply issues.

Characters 2/2: The main man, he does have a name but he doesn’t remember it for a while so I’m not going to tell you, is hilarious. He’s a crazy smart microbiologist and problem solver. Yet he’s still emotional sometimes. He has a heart of gold, trying to save his planet from sheer annihilation. Basically I loved him. And it makes me very happy that hunky Ryan Gosling will play him in the movie. There are other characters in the flashbacks to Earth that are great and then there is Rocky. He’s my absolute favourite and I will not say anymore.

Overall you need to read this book. It’s heartwarming and funny, and an exciting adventure in space. If you read or watched The Martian and enjoyed it, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Happy Reading!


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