Book Review: The Empire of Gold by SA Chakraborty

Book: The Empire of Gold (Daevabad Trilogy Book #3)

Author: SA Chakraborty

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 9/10

I was so happy to finish this trilogy because I needed to know what happened to my baby Dara. I really love a tortured soul/morally grey character and Dara was just that. This trilogy starts with Nahri discovering she is not actually human and can do magic. She comes from the Nahid line of magical healers and can call on djinn to help her. She accidentally calls Dara and he helps her then takes her to the hidden magical kingdom of Daevabad where most of the different magical people live. But Nahri is Shafit, which means half human and therefore she is discriminated against often by the pureblood magical people. This trilogy touches on a lot of themes about racism and discrimination based on religion, skin colour and lineage. You can read my review for book one here and for book two here.

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Writing – 3/3: Still love Chakraborty’s writing. These are long books but for the most part I stayed interested the whole time. But I think her character development is amazing. The changes in Nahri from book 1 to book 3, seeing her thrive and become her own woman was lovely.

Plot – 2/3: This book was 752 pages. It’s a tome. Most of the plot I loved, but there is a lot of time where my favourite characters are apart and I wanted more time with them together. That being said, when they are apart, they are growing and learning about themselves so it’s probably good. But I just missed their chemistry.

Hook – 2/2: The ending of book 2 is very intense. I immediately wanted to start book 3 but I didn’t because I had other books to read. But when I did finally start it, the intensity of the moment continued from book 2. It picks up right where the last book left off.

Characters – 2/2: Nahri is my favourite. Watching her grow throughout the books, and embrace her true heritage was inspiring. I really loved this strong female lead and I feel like a lot of womxn could relate to her. Dara was morally grey from book 1. He had been used as a slave and weapon for most of his 2000 years. He wanted to stop being a warrior controlled by others but he also felt a sense of duty to the Nahids. His slow grasp of morality and what is truly the right action for him, is worth the read. Ali, I did not like in the first book, he seemed pretentious and very judgemental. But I warmed up to him after figuring out he was just a bit lost, that he didn’t understand some things. His brother Muntadhir was also a character I had to warm up to but ended up loving, especially his relationship with Jamshid.

Overall I really enjoyed this trilogy and would recommend to fans of closed door YA fantasy. The world is amazing and the characters are intricate. There’s a lot of great representation and growth. I’m so glad I finally read it.

Happy Reading!


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