Major Life Update!

Good morning bookworms! I have really fun news to share. My husband and I bought our first house! We are moving to the next city over, it’s about 30 minutes away from where we currently live. We are moving closer to my parents and sister which is nice. There are so many new running trails and biking paths near the new house that I am looking forward to exploring. However, because we will be moving in October, marathon training is put on hold. I’m already way behind schedule with my distance training and now with moving, I definitely don’t have time to catch up.

In other news, I designed a T-Shirt! Ask Me About my TBR is such a fun project for me. These are limited edition shirts. You can only order them until September 9th. Here’s the link for purchase. There are 5 colours available. And the shirts will all ship out September 20-29th.

As far as reading is going, I have severely limited my September Angie Way plan because I will be doing a lot of packing and organizing. October will be even worse. But don’t worry I’ll still be hosting Thriller October! My reading has already slowed right down with organizing the new house and moving. But things should be back to normal by November. I will still have a library in the new house, and there is a giant front window perfect for reading next to. We also have plans for the backyard to make a nice outdoor space which I will use for reading and yoga! You can follow along with the move and new house set up on my instagram!

Happy Reading!


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