Book Review: Ghosts

Book: Ghosts

Author: Dolly Alderton

Genre: romcom/lit fic

Release Date: August 3, 2021

Rating: 7/10

Read if you like: British humour, romcoms, books about dating (and its horrors)

Thank you Penguin Random House for this gifted copy. This was a book that actually ended up surprising me. It took me 3 weeks to read the first third and then 2 days to read the last two thirds. So forewarning it’s a slow start. The main character Nina is a successful 30-something author who is newly single and starts trying online dating for the first time. Her father meanwhile is suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease and she is navigating helping her mom care for her dad. So trigger warning for that.

Hook – 0/2: Nina right away was a character I liked, she’s got that dry British humour that is very entertaining in a book. But the pacing was way off for me at the beginning. It starts off with her introduction and going on a few dates but nothing really interesting happens until about a third of the way in.

Plot – 2/3: Losing a point because of the first third. Once the book got going, and Nina gets ghosted for the first time, I started to enjoy the book so much more. I enjoyed the point of view Nina had of her parents and the very real struggle they were dealing with, her dad going through Alzheimer’s disease and his behaviour becoming increasingly worse. Nina also has a very clear view of the world and isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what she thinks.

Writing – 3/3: This book was funny. I laughed out loud so many times. Nina is very witty and she has a hilarious best friend. Then the way Nina handles every situation was so awe inspiring. So many times in my life, I have been talked over or talked down to by a man and Nina would have none of that. She was such a strong woman. When she got ghosted and then they tried to apologize, look out. She was also really honest with her friends. As a child free by choice woman, I particularly enjoyed her relationship with her mom friend Katherine and how Nina wasn’t afraid to tell her how she really felt about the way she was behaving.

Characters – 2/2: LOLA I love you. Lola is Nina’s BFF and an absolute treat. She was like a boho wild beauty that was up for any adventure and forced Nina out of her shell so much. Between her and Nina, Nina’s surly neighbour and the crazy dating stories, the characters were the best part of the book.

Overall I would totally recommend this one, just make it to page 100 before you give up.

Happy Reading!


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