Book review: The Holiday Swap

Book: The Holiday Swap

Authors: Maggie Knox – AKA Karma Brown and Melissa Stapley

Genre: Holiday Romance

Release Date: October 12th, 2021

Rating: 8/10

Read if you like: Star’s Hollow, Christmas books, baking, Life swap stories, the movie The Holiday, cute romance with almost zero steam.

What a perfect cozy winter romance this is. Thank you to Penguin Canada for my review copy. Despite it being Thriller October, I snuck this one in because I couldn’t leave it after reading the synopsis. Plus I wanted to review it near pub day.

The Holiday Swap is about a set of identical twins, Charlie and Cass, they are both baker’s but Charlie lives in Los Angeles and works on a reality baking show. Cass stayed home in Starlight Peak to run the family bakery. Disaster strikes for Charlie and she needs Cass to help her. The only solution is to switch places.

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Hook – 2/2: Charlie is on set when an accident happens and she gets a concussion. She is told by the doctor she can’t work for a week and she loses her sense of taste and smell. She can’t very well be a judge on a baking show if she can’t taste anything. So she calls her twin sister to take her place for 10 days, finish the taping for the baking show and pretend to be her. Luckily Cass is also a baker, who is having issues with her ex-boyfriend and needs a welcome break from her life.

Plot- 2/3: Well if you haven’t seen The Parent Trap what are you doing with your life first of all, second this is kind of like that. These twins switch lives and somehow manage to convince everyone that they are the other one. Charlie goes home and bumbles through running the bakery and Cass goes to LA to work on a baking show, something she’s never done. Of course they each meet a hot guy who thinks they are someone else. The book was really good but loses one point here for being predictable.

Writing – 2/3: I sometimes don’t like writing duos. It can feel disjointed with more than one author. But this one was pretty good. There’s no steam at all which was nice to read but I do like a little fire. I think the book was well written overall, there were no lulls or snow parts. But I also didn’t feel like I couldn’t put it down ever.

Characters – 2/2: I really liked the twins. They are 28 and both working to build their careers. They are both in a bit of a rut, but though the book, acting as each other they become more empowered. The love stories are very cute as well.

Overall I think this is a perfect book to read in December, or if you’re in the mood for a holiday read.

Happy Reading!


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