Another readathon approaches and this is one of my favourites, because it’s so easy to track. For a themed month long readathon I keep track of everything I get tagged in and all the stories and I have to note which prompt the tag is for. I don’t mind doing it, I have a wicked excel sheet to keep me organized. But this readathon is a lot easier.

For #ReadGoodbyeTo2021 you track your pages read and share them in a page tracker (I’ll be sharing the page tracker a few days before we start) in your stories. When you hit 1,010 pages, you get a giveaway entry. When you finish and have read 2,021 pages, you get a giveaway entry. And any photo posted to your feed using the hashtag and tagging me, you get an entry. So that’s a lot less complexity for me and for you.

You can read any book you want, just track your pages. Winners will be drawn randomly from all the entries. Sounds like fun right? We start December 17! You’ll have 15 days to read 2,021 pages. That’s about 135 pages per day.

Some tricks I learned from last year that helped me reach this goal:

  1. If you’re struggling to get into or pay attention to a book, set it aside and read something else.
  2. Reading old favourites will help. I read my favourite books much faster than new ones because I want to get to my favourite parts.
  3. NOVELLAS – it’s so much easier to fly through a book that’s under 200 pages.
  4. Line up a bunch of books from your favoutire genre. I have a bunch of cute romance books ready and fun fantasy worlds I can’t wait to dive in to.
  5. DO NOT stress if you’re falling behind, this is just for fun and if you’re like me, you have good reading days and bad reading days. You might just catch up later when you have more time or pick up a book you can’t put down. I literally spent all of New Year’s Eve reading last year, and read over 500 pages on the last day to finish just in time.
  6. Just have fun reading!

I hope you’ll join in for the fun!

Happy Reading!


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