2 Book Reviews: Nashville Star Series

Books: Sing You Home (Book 1) and Find You Again (Book 2) (Nashville Star Series)

Author: Ava Hunter

Genre: Romance

Rating: 10/10 for both

Read if you like: steamy romance, second chance romance, cowboy romance

Good morning bookworms! I’ve got a series review for you! This is the first and second book in the Nashville Star Series by Ava Hunter. Book 2 releases January 3. And there’s a novella coming in the spring for the series, and then book 3 in the summer. I will tell you now, I am eagerly anticipating the next books. I’m going to write the review for book 2 without spoiling anything from book 1, but you definitely need to read the books in this series in order.

Okay let’s go book 1. Sing You Home is about Luke and Sal Kincaid. They’ve been married for many years, but after a horrible plane crash Sal disappears. It’s been 9 months and they still haven’t found her body. Luke survived the crash but has been spiraling down these 9 months without his wife. Everyone wants him to declare her dead but he can’t do it. Meanwhile, Sal is alive and being held captive. She has no memory of anything from before the past 9 months. The last memory she has is waking up in bed with a man called Roy next to her saying she is his wife and she was in an accident, but he’s going to take care of her. It feels all wrong but it takes a long time for her to recover physically. Finally after 9 months she’s had enough of Roy’s abuse and she decides to escape.

This is a second chance amnesia-centered romance. Sal and Luke are together again but she has absolutely no memory of her husband. Luke has to try his hardest to help her remember that she loves him. But there are things that happened in the past that maybe it would be better if Sal doesn’t remember.

I absolutely loved this book. I love a good steamy romance and this one has the fire bookworms. It also pulled on my heart strings. There were plenty of little twists that made this book impossible to put down. And the emotions Hunter was able to pull from me. There were so many tears. I love a book that can make me cry. This is one of the best second chance romance books I’ve ever read.

Trigger warnings for book 1 – amnesia, miscarriage, kidnapping, physical abuse, alcohol abuse.

Book 2 here we go. After a scandal in the papers, the biggest mistake of her life, Alabama Forester is hiding in her hometown of Clover, Texas. Far away from Nashville where everyone hates her. One day bad boy country rocker Griff Greyson, her high school boyfriend, walks into the diner where she works asking her to go on tour with him and be his opening act. They didn’t part on good terms all those years ago but he’s a star and she needs the money. So she agrees. They butt heads the whole tour but there’s also that familiar spark of heat. Could this be their second chance at love?

THE STEAM!! I thought the steam was good in book 1 but book 2 gets even better. Griff and Alabama are both trying so hard to stay away from each other but they can’t resist and that makes it so much better. Then Hunter throws a huge curve ball at you and everything changes. I devoured it. And once again she had me sobbing. I honestly think that’s the best part of these books, they make me so emotional.

Trigger warnings for book 2 – gun violence, sexual assault, mention of parent funeral, slut shaming, alcohol abuse.

Overall I really enjoyed both books and am looking forward to more books in this series. And Ava Hunter is on Instagram and was very engaging with my posts about the book. Which I always appreciate from authors.

Happy reading!


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