Angie Edits

My name is Angie Sutton and I am a grammar warrior. I love catching errors in text. My favourite thing is finding a spelling or grammar mistake in a published book or article knowing that other editors missed it! If you want someone to check your content for errors, you’ve found the right person! I have an Honours Bachelor of History degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from Nipissing University. I taught English as Second Language for 5 years in Toronto before starting work as a bookkeeper in Barrie. As a bookkeeper my job is to keep track of money and find any number errors. As an editor, I’ll do the same but with letters.

I can edit blog posts, content for your website or social media, essays, reports, even books! I have a $10 minimum fee for projects under 500 words. Or my rate is $0.02 per word for most projects. The rate may increase depending on the technicality of your project.

Please email me and tell me about your project to get a quote!