Reading Life Posts

Hey readers! These are links to different blog posts about my reading life!

Angie Way:

  1. April Angie Way Set Up
  2. May Angie Way Set Up
  3. July Angie Way Set Up
  4. What the Heck is the Angie Way?


  1. February TBR
  2. March TBR
  3. April TBR
  4. May TBR
  5. July TBR

Wrap Ups:

  1. January Wrap Up
  2. February Wrap Up
  3. March Wrap up
  4. April Wrap Up
  5. May Wrap Up
  6. June Wrap Up

General reading life:

  1. High Fantasy vs. Low Fantasy
  2. Library of Books and Candles
  3. Books releasing the rest of 2021