Review Quick Links 2020

Here are quick links to the reviews I’ve done sorted by genre for easy access. If you’re looking for a book and not sure where to begin, choose a genre! They are listed with the highest rated at the top.

Here is a link to my post about requesting Arcs because I get asked about that a lot.


  1. Before She Knew Him – Peter Swanson 9/10
  2. Little White Lies – Philippa East 8/10
  3. No Mercy – Martina Cole 6/10


  1. Follow Me to Ground – Sue Rainsford 9/10
  2. Pachamama by Ashley Wolfe 8/10


  1. Hunger – Roxane Gay 8/10


  1. Wild at Heart – KA Tucker 9/10
  2. Photos of You – Tammy Robinson 7/10

Historical Fiction:

  1. Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor 9/10
  2. Hannah’s War by Jan Eliasberg 8/10

Self Help:

  1. The Four Season Solution by Dallas Hartwig 6/10